Refund Policy

Our refund policy

We value your money

We strongly believe that it is with great trust that you sent us payment for the service that we provide. We value this trust and the money you paid for our service. As such, we offer the cheapest master password recovery service on the planet. There are a bunch of websites there offering the same service that we offer but undeniably, we offer the cheapest price. The only reason why we ask payment for this online service are the following:

  • To cover the hosting cost for this website
  • To cover the maintenance cost of this site
  • To cover the domain name ( registration cost
  • To cover the payment of the people who attend to your requests
  • To buy us a cup of coffee or a bottle of beer

We guarantee our service

In response to your trust, we guarantee our service. We explicitly report to you what we can do and what we can't. In some cases, we need to illustrate the kinds of passwords we can unlock so that you will NOT be paying what we CANNOT provide. We hate refunds! However, when it is necessary, we are obliged to do so.

We process refunds

In cases when we are unable to calculate the master password for your locked computer, we will send your money back through Paypal refunds1. However, we require you to cooperate with us to determine whether or not the issue is with OUR inability to calculate a working password or YOUR inability to follow our instructions.

The only thing that merits refund is when WE are unable to calculate your master password based on the information that you have provided. We do not process refunds on the following:

  • We have received your request and forwarded a master password and then you realized that you have submitted the request by mistake
  • We have received your request and forwarded a master password and then you will tell us that you did not use the master password because you remembered your password out of the blue
  • We have received your request and forwarded a master password and while waiting, you purchased another master password from other sites

NOTE: We only honor your refund request if you contact us for the cancelation of the request BEFORE we provided you a master password.

1The refunds that we will send starting August 15, 2013 will be deducted with $0.5. This will cover the paypal fee for the transaction.